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EDHT: Testimonials: Toyah Talks Teeth!

September 30th, 2014

edht14aI have been coming to Evesham Dental Health Team (EDHT) for at least ten years. The team is friendly and helpful, and more importantly local and available. I am horrified at the prices that London charge for treatment and I disagree that you have to pay a premium just for being in London. Also I know people that have to book six months ahead and for me that would be a nightmare.

I think it is really important to have good teeth. I don’t think people realise how often your teeth are looked at. I realised during photo shoots that my teeth no longer translated the way I felt about them. I had lost a lot of enamel from natural wear and tear, as well as through a very healthy lifestyle of lots of fruit and vegetables – which I found ironic as you wouldn’t expect that to happen. As a result of this loss of enamel, my teeth felt very rough and I hated food sticking to them.

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