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Dreamscape: We Are 5698 Days Old!

August 17th, 2015

dfim15aGive or take a day or so :) After posting the link to Melissa Mailer-Yates’ feature the other day, I received a couple of messages with some very kind comments about this website over the weekend.

Although it is always nice to receive feedback  I have never been a glory seeker type so I don’t particularly enjoy “praise” – This site isn’t my life, it’s essentially a hobby of mine that takes up a small part of my life (most updates are completed in an hour or so every few days, got it down to a fine-ish art lol) – and has always been about Toyah’s crazy-busy career (not her personal life, which any self respecting fan would understand any artist is entitled to) –  I have zero interest in self promotion, especially reflected from someone else’s career and achievements… And on that self indulgent note, I’d like to welcome any new visitors to the site, as we rollercoast through our 16th year online, and invite you to take a browse. Thanks to Toyah having such a vast and eclectic 40 year career, there is a huge archive to explore…

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