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Dreamscape Advent Calendar 2018: Day 24

December 24th, 2018

christmas2018aIt’s the final day of our Christmas countdown. Thanks to everyone who visited every day of December.

Christmas 2010, Dreamscape compiled the Toyah Festive 50. A tinseltastic half hundred of Yuletide related Toyah facts, figures and trivia.

Revisit the full rundown here.

Why was Toyah Scarlett at Christmas? … Who would be her dream dining companion? … Just how many town’s lights did Toyah switch on at Christmas 2003?… What were Toyah and Tony Robinson doing at Christmas 1988? … Which other programmes were aired the Christmas Eve night that Toyah’s legendary Theatre Royal, Drury Lane concert was watched by millions on BBC2?

Discover the answer to these and much more in our Toyah @ Christmas information overload! Completely and utterly unecessary but a lot of festive fun nonetheless!