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Derby Telegraph: Learning How To Be A Housewife

April 24th, 2013

Another new interview, this one from the Derby Telegraph.

Learning how to be a housewife proves ‘big eye-opener’ for Toyah Willcox

After years of living the touring life as a musician, actress or TV presenter, all-round performer Toyah Willcox has now been forced to learn about the type of life she didn’t choose – that of picking the children up from school and doing the housework.

“It has been quite an eye-opener to take on this role,” says Toyah, who stars in the sketch show Hormonal Housewives alongside Julie Coombe, who also wrote the script. “It was interesting to find out more about the things which are just commonplace to most women and mums such as chatting at the school gates, competitive parents and going to book groups.”

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