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Clarence Hall: It Wasn’t A Mystery

February 26th, 2022

Earlier in the month, the Clarence Hall hosted the iconic music legend, Toyah Willcox, as part of her Posh Pop Tour. As promoter Jamie Richards of Woodfired Summit said: “It wasn’t a mystery why the crowd loved her. Such talent, such presence, such enthusiasm and so much energy”.

Hall Trustee David Jeremiah was in the audience, and has contributed the following perspective:

“Music defines us. I identify with R&B and Rock and Roll so, Toyah’s arrival on the “Hip Hop” “Punk” music scene in 81/82 had passed me by. Nevertheless, during lockdown, I had become hooked on “Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lunch” – see it on YouTube. Knowing she was appearing at the Clarence Hall, I bought four tickets and persuaded Ann and two old rocker friends to come along.

The gig was a sell-out. The Hall was buzzing, and the music was loud. Without a doubt the evening was a roaring success and Toyah, admitting to never being in this part of the world before, was effusive about Crickhowell in general and the Hall in Particular.

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