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Christmas 2019: Day 19: Festive-Related Releases

December 19th, 2019

Christmas 2019, and ochristmas14fnly 6 days until Christmas Day, why not download some, Christmas/festive-related, Toyah music/releases to help make the rest of the countdown more melodic.

1. I Believe In Father Christmas; Toyah’s version of the Greg Lake 70s festive classic (which was voted one of the greatest ever Christmas songs in a 2012 poll) has gathered quite a history over the years: It was originally recorded for ITV’s Pop Goes Christmas in 1982, Safari then included it on the Mayhem compilation album in 1985, and later it was also made available on the CD Live & More. At Christmas 2012 it was released as a digital single. Download at iTunes. 2.Winter In Wonderland; One year on and at Christmas 2013 there was another new digital single, make that an EP, for Christmas – Winter in Wonderland… Download at iTunes. 3. Has God Ceased To Dream You; Toyah released this four-song EP in December 2014 as a companion piece to the recently digitally released Take The Leap! album… Download at iTunes.