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CASTAWAYS: Four (live) From Toyah EP

April 14th, 2012

Marking tonight’s premiereĀ concert of ‘The Changeling Resurrection 2012’ UK tour: Available for one day only, ‘CASTAWAYS: Four (live) from Toyah’ EP.

1. Dawn Chorus/Moonlight Dancing (6.55 Special)
2. Brave New World (Get Set For Summer)
3. Street Creature (Get Set For Summer)
4. Castaways (Get Set For Summer)

Click on the artwork to view the EP at ‘Soundcloud’ or listen via the player below.

These tracks are all already available online, in video, at ‘You Tube’. As the new tour opensĀ I thought creating an EP from them, showcasing four great live performances from ‘The Changeling’ era, would be a fitting way to celebrate this great occasion. Click here for a larger version of the artwork. (UPDATE: This is no longer available)