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Brief Encounters With Famous People

October 14th, 2013


A sweet reminsence about Toyah in “Brief Encounters With Famous People” at Vloggerheads.

My Mum’s hobby was knitting. She was an absolute EXPERT at hand-knitting Arran sweaters.

One day in the late 80’s, I got a call on my carphone (yeah – I had one of those – I thought I was the Dog’s Bollocks) telling me I should come over for tea – there was someone famous that was coming over she wanted me to meet.

Turns out that one of Mum’s friends worked in the music business and she was having sweaters knitted to give as special gifts to her clients. One of her clients was Toyah Willcox (yeah – I know – lots of you won’t even know who she was!) – and Toyah was so impressed, she wanted to meet the knitter and order some special sweaters.

That was a surreal evening – Toyah was at the house for about 2 hours chatting with Mum about patterns and wool.  I just sat transfixed. She was absolutely beautiful in real life – nothing like her stage persona at all.

Mum knitted special-order Arran sweaters for Toyah Willcox and her friends from 1987 right up until her death in 2003. I always told her that they were rich and famous and she wasn’t charging them enough! :-)

• Visit the blog at Vloggerheads.

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