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10 Minute Portraits: Day 124: Robert Fripp

March 29th, 2012

Artist and occasional writer, Matt Soffe is just over a third of the way through his year-long portrait blog, and today’s subject is, none other than, Robert Fripp.

…The guitarists’ guitarist, he pioneered the innovation of tape-looping in rock music (christened ‘Frippertronics’), improvised the guitar solo on Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ and devised the sounds for the Windows Vista operating system. He also married Toyah Willcox, came up with the ‘New Standard Tuning’ for guitar and has, to date, released over 700 records.

About the blog: This blog will run for one whole year, and in that time I’ll post a single portrait every day. Each one of these will be drawn in 10 minutes or less (I use the alarm on my phone – as soon as it beeps I stop, press snooze and move on to another one). 10 minutes, that’s it. In that time I’ll try to achieve two things: A quality drawing and a good likeness. I can’t always guarantee either but I’ll be striving for both!

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