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Dreamscape: 20th Year Online – Soon!

January 14th, 2019

In less than two month’s time Dreamscape will enter it’s 20th year online.

I started working on creating this website as something to help me deal with my Mother’s death in the late 1990s. Unfortunately it didn’t manage that but it did keep me occupied in my spare time through much of 1999. I put the site online on 10th March 2000 after a previous attempt to launch it on the 1st January that year. My initial intention was that it would be a rolling news service, constantly updated with all the latest Toyah happenings. Some people said the idea would never work. 19 years, and thousands & thousands of posts, later, I like to think it did!


Perhaps if I’d known the hate that would be directed at me over the years I wouldn’t have bothered. In 2012 I almost closed Dreamscape when things got particularly unpleasant, and recently there has been an undercurrent of nastiness again. On a far more positive note, through this site I’ve made fantastic lifelong friends who I really treasure. There were some fake friends too but they, thankfully, fucked off. Grrr, I always have to end on a negative lol!!


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