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Dreamscape Features 28 February, 2011
From Brave New World to The Tempest, Love Is The Law to Glitter, In The Court Of The Crimson Queen to Jubilee... Eclectic, much?... Check out our Toyah features from over the last 11 years.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 27 February, 2011
• Chris Limb/Catmachine of Was A Teenage Toyah Fan has today uploaded a photo to twitpic of Toyah with Weekend Guitar Trio at Kings Place, London last night. View here.

• To the left, Toyah and Jeni Barnett (who doesn't seem to look any different from when she read out letters on TVAM over 25 years ago!) when Toyah guested on LBC. I'm not sure when this was but it is included in their "Our Recent Guests" gallery,

• Also to the left, a great piece of Toyah art, in graphite and coloured pencils, by Pat Kent: A reworking of an old piece, now with a little added colour. View the full, larger version at 'Pat Kent Art'
here. (Thanks to Michael)

• The 'Supermassive Black Hole A*, The Hard Sci-Fi Webcomic' has just discovered the delights of Toyah. View their "Toyah and galactic fashions" blog

• Our Friends Electric now have audio samples, of some of
the covers they perform, at their website. Listen to their rendition of 'I Want To Be Free' (still the best selling Toyah download at 'Play'), here. (Thanks to Michael)

• Yet another Secret Diary Of A Call Girl DVD Boxed Set. This is Seasons 1-4 and is due for release on 4th April 2011, immediately after the fourth, and final, series finishes airing on ITV2. Toyah appears in episodes in the first two series as the lead characters mother. The current DVD artwork is "subject to change".

Dreamscape Gallery: Those Post-1985 Years! 26 February, 2011
I've recently received some enquiries about what's happening with the Gallery at this site. Believe me I would love to get more of it completed, even initially just the remainder of the Eighties years would be good, but it's just finding the spare time to do it. A large chunk of recent photos are exclusive to Toyah's official website but even considering this there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of Toyah post-1985 that could be added!

I've also had a few emails from visitors saying they like how the site is looking just now. Thank you for the positive feedback and kind comments. Always appreciated. I do too, though I probably will change it again at some point :)

STV: Toyah Willcox On Loving Gaga 25 February, 2011
Toyah Willcox on loving GaGa and the Teletubbies being as big as the Beatles

The performer talks about performing at the Rewind Festival in July, who she admires in the music industry, and providing the voice of Teletubbies.

She’s never been a shrinking violet, and stage, screen and music legend Toyah Willcox has no intention of slowing down aged 52, she revealed on STV’s The Hour.

The star - who is currently getting geared up for her stint at the 80s-inspired Rewind Festival in July - has made her name over the years in all sorts of roles.

One that ended up earning her cult status was providing the voice of the announcer on the kids TV show Teletubbies, a TV programme which enjoyed major, unforeseen success – something which Toyah has compared to the dizzy heights of fame achieved by none other than the Beatles.

“It’s the only time I’ve ever had to have bodyguards, when Teletubbies came out. Not because the children would recognise my voice, but parents said ‘she’s on Teletubbies'.

• Read the full article, and watch Toyah's The Hour interview, at the '' website, here.

Toyah Live 2011: Kremlin PA Photos 25 February, 2011
Toyah played a live PA at Kremlin, Belfast at the end of January. Here is a selection of great photos from the PA. Please click below for larger/full versions of these. (Thanks to Alec Kelly)

The Reading Chronicle: 80s At Ascot 25 February, 2011
Three hundred years of Ascot Racecourse will be celebrated in 80's style with stars including Aussie heartthrob Jason Donovan performing at the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup on Saturday, August 6.

The full line-up has been announced and racegoers dressed in their best 1980s fashions will be able to watch Kid Creole And The Coconuts, Jimmy Somerville, Toyah, Paul Young, China Crisis, Odyssey, Brother Beyond, Visage and Altered Images play their hits after the racing finishes.

Tickets start from £26 with group and advance discounts available. Call the box office on 0870 727 1234 or buy online at
Debi Allen Associates: Toyah Video Reel 25 February, 2011
Check out Toyah's Biography page at the 'Debi Allen Associates' Talent Agency website.

As well as the bio there's a show-reel video featuring numerous clips from Toyah's televsion career. This mainly focuses on her presenting CV but not exclusively.

• Go
here, & scroll to the page bottom. (Thanks to Michael)
The Hour: It's A Mystery: Video/Screen Captures 24 February, 2011
Toyah, with Chris Wong, performing 'It's A Mystery' on Wednesday's The Hour. Watch below or double click to view at 'YouTube'. Click on the captures for larger versions. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

Toyah Willcox performs 'It's a Mystery' on The Hour.
The 'STV' website has a dedicated page for 'It's A Mystery',
here. An original rock goddess, Toyah has also tried her hand at acting and music composition. She will be performing at Rewind Scotland - The 80s Festival at Scone Palace on Sunday July 21.

The Hour: Interview: Screen Captures 24 February, 2011
Screen caps from Toyah's interview on yesterday's edition of The Hour. The interview is available to watch online (UK only, unfortunately) for the next four weeks on Catch Up at STV Player, here. Toyah's interview, and 'It's A Mystery' are in Part Four. Please click on the caps for larger versions.

Grant Stott tweeted last night: "Having interviewed Toyah earlier today on @thehourstv, I'm now watching Quadrophenia on ITV4 which!! #coolcoincidence"

The Hour: Coming Up: Screen Captures 24 February, 2011
A few screen captures from The Hour's "Coming Up" intro. Please click below for larger versions.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 24 February, 2011
• "Come & meet Toyah after her show!" invites The Magical Faerie Festival website. Toyah plays The Canterbury City Faerie Ball on Friday 22nd April. Visit the website, here, for full details on this colourful event.

• No official confirmation at this early stage, but there have been tweets online over the last few days saying that Toyah will be playing The Retro Ball in aid of the NSPCC North East on 26th March at The Centre for Life, Newcastle.

• 'Computer', the utter classic from 'Sheep Farming In Barnet', made the Old Testament Space Opera "All Time Virtual Top 10 Songs" on Tuesday:

9. Toyah: Computer - New wave awesomeness with weirdly relevant lyrics. Plus, how much of a genius do you need to be to name an album Sheep Farming in Barnet?

Quadrophenia, A film over 30 years old, showing on ITV4, a little viewed digital channel, and yet last night it seemed to inspire a fair amount of twitterers (tweeters? tweeterrers??)

Toyah Live 2011: 'Hits & Surprises' at Harrogate Theatre 23 February, 2011
Another new live Toyah date has been confirmed for this Summer. She will headline the Harrogate Fringe Festival, playing a "Hits & Surprises" full band gig of Toyah classics and more at Harrogate Theatre, North Yorkshire on Friday 22nd July. Click below for further info and ticket booking details.

Musical Times: Rare Toyah Covers 23 February, 2011
Two rare issues of, German magazine, 'Musical Times' have recently appeared on eBay. The issues, from June 1980 and April 1981, both feature Toyah on their covers, with news stories announcing the release of 'Ieya', Toyah on Tour, and 'It's A Mystery'. Please click below for larger versions.

This Fragile Moment 23 February, 2011
Robert Jürjendal, of This Fragile Moment, is also a member of Weekend Guitar Trio, playing at Kings Place, London this Saturday with Toyah. The improvised performance will include selections from 'This Fragile Moment'.

I've been relistening to 'This Fragile Moment' recently and some of the album has really grown on me. 'Stones', 'Boredom Is A Killer' and 'Fragile', in particular, have really burrowed their way into my brain. Does anyone else find 'Born Broken' a little spooky, though?

Full tracklist for the album, released in November 2009 on Unsung Records, is:

1. Stones (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
2. Break The Mould (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
3. Don't Even Try (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
4. Run With Me (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
5. Boredom Is A Killer (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
6. Fragile (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
7. Blow The Pain Away (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
8. Born Broken (Urb/Jürjendal/Willcox/Reuter/Wong)
9. In Estonia (Willcox)

Toyah Willcox: Voice, Poetry
Robert Jürjendal: Guitar (right channel), Electronics
Arvo Urb: Drums & Percussion
Chris Wong : Bass Guitar
Markus Reuter: Guitar (left channel), Electronics

Weekend Guitar Trio bring their dazzling effects and ideas together with legendary vocalist Toyah Willcox adding her poetry. Joining them for the first time is Norway's live sampling guru Jan Bang.

• View further details about Saturday's show here. 'This Fragile Moment' is available on CD from iapetus-store or can be downloaded from iTunes, Play and Amazon.

MacAulay & Co Update: Toyah NOT Guesting! 22 February, 2011
Unfortunately the MacAulay and Co appearance is not going ahead. The BBC haven't updated their schedules. Apologies for the misinformation. There is news on some future interviews, though:

Toyah will be promoting her appearance at the 80's Rewind Festival with some of the Scottish media. Look out for interview/new photos in Daily Record (newspaper) soon, Clyde FM interview (future radio broadcast) & performance/interview on STV's The Hour, going out at 5pm on Wed 23 Feb. (Thanks to Paul, and Craig at The
Official Toyah website)
Toyah on Radio: MacAulay & Co Tomorrow! 22 February, 2011
Toyah is guesting on MacAulay and Co, tomorrow mid-morning, on BBC Radio Scotland. The show airs from 10.30am till Midday and can also be heard on BBC Radio Aberdeen, Solent, Shetland, Tweed and others, as well as online. Visit the BBC MacAulay and Co page here. The show will be available on BBC iPlayer after it airs.

MacAulay and Co : BBC Radio Scotland - Wednesday 23rd February : 10.30am
It's what you're talking about before you're talking about it. Fred and Co are joined by journalist John Simpson and singer Toyah Willcox.
Toyah on TV: The Hour 21 February, 2011
Toyah is scheduled to guest on STV's early evening magazine show The Hour this Wednesday at 5.00pm. The Hour airs in Scotland but the channel is available throughout the UK on Sky, and the programme is viewable on STV Player Catch Up post-broadcast. (Thanks to Alec Kelly)

The Hour : STV - Wednesday 23rd February : 5.00pm
The Hour : STV +1 - Wednesday 23rd February : 6.00pm

Scotland's magazine show, with celebrity chat, studio cooking and more. Also airing on STV HD.

Update: Guest presenters Amanda Hamilton and Grant Stott announced at the close of this evening's (Tuesday) show that Toyah will be performing 'It's A Mystery' on tomorrow's programme.

Dreamscape Toyah Features 21 February, 2011
Check out our new(ish) section... Features.

I've expanded and revamped the "Extras" page to incorporate all the large features from over the last few years, giving them a permanent home alongside all the previous mini-features and micro websites.

The Changeling, In The Court Of The Crimson Queen, Brave New World, Love Is The Law, Jubilee, Four From Toyah, Toyah @ Edsel, Little Tears Of Love, The Tempest, The Blue Meaning, On The Cover Of A Magazine, Calamity Jane, Anthem and much more...

Top 10 Toyah Downloads @ Play 21 February, 2011
Top 10 Toyah downloads currently at

1. I Want To Be Free, 2. It's A Mystery, 3. Thunder In The Mountains, 4. Blue Meanings, 5. Good Morning Universe, 6. For You, 7. Demolition Men, 8. Jungles Of Jupiter, 9. Come, 10. Lesser God
Toyah 30: At The Rainbow 21 February, 2011

'At The Rainbow' was also available on laser disc. This was one of the first BBC Video laser discs to be released. The Rainbow Theatre closed as a music venue on 24th December 1981, coincidentally the same date that another very famous Toyah concert took place, which also went on to be released by BBC Video, 'Good Morning Universe: Live at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane'.

From the sleeve of 'At The Rainbow': "Toyah - a great rock performer. an inimitable individualist of the music scene. The Legendary Rainbow Theatre in North London is the setting for this spectaculair show. Among the laser beams, through clouds of swirling smoke. Toyah struts and strides - a truly spine-tingling performance. Toyah - band and vocalist - frenzied, pulsating, mystical, fabulous - an explosive experience."

London 'Trax' magazine wrote: "The irrepressible Toyah Willcox is marching on, opening up new horizons in audio visual entertainment. She is now number one in a field of one. An original."

100 Hits: '80s Rewind' Out Today! 21 February, 2011
'100 Hits: 80s Rewind' - 100 Classic Tracks Of The Decade, the 5CD set, featuring Toyah's 'Thunder In The Mountains' and 'Brave New World', is released today.

Other artists include: Madness, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen, Aztec Camera, Tracie, The Beat, Propaganda, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Strawberry Switchblade, The Jesus & Mary Chain, We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It, Billy Bragg, Dollar, Anti-Nowhere League, Bad Manners, Tenpole Tudor, A-Ha, Bananarama and many many more.

This is the fourth "100 Hits" compilation Toyah has been included on.
Kings Place: Weekend Guitar Trio, Toyah & Jan Bang 21 February, 2011
Toyah is pictured in the 'Kings Place' What's On Guide; January - April 2011.

She is appearing on the final day, Saturday 26th February, of Eesti Fest at Kings Place, London with Weekend Guitar Hero and Jan Bang.

Weekend Guitar Trio are also playing a guitar workshop earlier in the day, before being joined by Toyah. View info about that
here, and see full info on the evening performance(s) here.

• View the 'Kings Place' brochure online
here. Click on the picture above left to view a larger version.
Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 19 February, 2011
• 'Wolves Civic' have recently added a nice Toyah page, promoting her "From Sheep Farming To Anthem" gig at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on Saturday 22nd October.

• We have mentioned previously that 'Flashback Alternatives' plays a fair bit of Toyah. 'Baldy Radio' ("Home to Eighties and Rarities!!!") plays even more. Check them out
here. (Thanks to Gregory)

• Toyah's forthcoming appearance (Saturday 26th February), with Weekend Guitar Trio and Jan Bang, currently has a dedicated page at the 'Estonia Government' website. View

• Did You Know? (mainly of relevance to Emmerdale viewers only) Michael McKell, the actor currently playing a crazy, firestarting, policeman in ITV soap Emmerdale, used to be known as Michael St. James, co-writer of Toyah's 1985 single, from the album 'Minx', 'Soul Passing Through Soul'.

• Toyah was mentioned on BBC1's The Weakest Link last month, in a question about Quadrophenia. (Thanks to Gillian)

Let's Dance For Comic Relief 2011 kicked off earlier this evening on BBC1. Toyah will dance, along with Clare Grogan, Limahl and Chesney Hawkes, on the BBC1 show on Saturday 5th March. Toyah is pictured and namechecked in this week's 'Now' magazine, dated 21st February 2011, in a feature on Let's Dance For Comic Relief. (Thanks to
Minna for the scan)

• Katie Price makes the final and 'The Press Association' report on Saturday's first show includes another namecheck for Toyah. View it here. (Numerous other sites are using 'TPA' news release.)

Dreamscape News Archive: January 2011 19 February, 2011
Dreamscape's Toyah news for January 2011 has now been archived.

Toyah 30: Four From Toyah: Thanks! 15 February, 2011
Wow! Thank you to everyone who has taken a look at the "Four From Toyah" 30th anniversary feature. During just a few hours yesterday evening alone the page received almost 700 visits. Great news!

Thanks also to The Official Toyah Facebook, and the Fans Club Facebook for including a link to the feature. Finally, thanks to everyone for their messages & feedback. Much appreciated.

• View our "Four From Toyah" feature
Toyah on TV: Quadrophenia/Let's Dance 15 February, 2011
The Hour : STV - Wed 23rd February : 5.00pm
The Hour : STV +1 - Wed 23rd February : 6.00pm

Scotland's very own magazine show, with celebrity chat, studio cooking and much more. Also airing on STV HD.

Quadrophenia : ITV4 - Wed 23rd February : 11.00pm
Quadrophenia : ITV4 - Thu 24th February : 10.35pm

The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Toyah Willcox, Mark Wingett, Sting and Ray Winstone. Also airing on ITV4 HD and ITV4 +1.

Let's Dance For Comic Relief : BBC1 - Saturday 5th March : 6.40pm
Actor Joe Swash, TV presenter Caroline Flack, comedy stars Adrian Edmondson, Marcus Brigstocke and Lee Nelson, plus 1980s singers Toyah Willcox, Clare Grogan, Chesney Hawkes and Limahl, compete in the charity contest. The judging panel comprises John Bishop, Felix Dexter and Jo Brand, and music is provided by Jessie J and the Wanted. Presented by Steve Jones and Alex Jones.

Marigolds: Short Film featuring 'Quicksilver' 15 February, 2011
Marigolds, the "unsettling" short film by Stephanie Zari, has received screenings at numerous film festivals through 2010 and continuing into 2011. It was recently shown at the London Short Film Festival 2011 and Brittspotting, Berlin 2011, and will be screened at L.A. International Women's Film Festival, 2011 next month.

The beautifully atmospheric 'Quicksilver' by The Humans features in Marigolds, which is now available to view online at the
BBC Film Network website. reviewed Marigolds at the London Short Film Festival:

Finally, the sobering effect of the ‘Family Affairs’ bill came as a perfect piece of timing on Sunday 9. The screening opened with the Freudian pastiche, Marigolds, by Stephanie Zari. Unfortunately for the rest, its originality, density and slow reveal managed to transcend the rest of the collection.

Marigolds stares at the complex sadness of an unappreciated housewife. The female lead, Susannah, captures the feel of the film single-handed; her life’s troubles etched into every line and wrinkle on her face. We see her snap off the Marigold gloves, rinse the dust from her hair and scrape on ageing mascara as she awaits her son’s arrival. When he finally does, an Oedopian undertone rears its creepy head. This deviant story, set in such a painfully normal environment, makes for one beautifully disturbing film.
Toyah 30: Four From Toyah Feature 14 February, 2011
Here at Dreamscape we're celebrating the 30th anniversary of Toyah's breakthrough year... and the single that started that amazing year... 'Four From Toyah'.

30 years ago today, February 14th 1981, 'Four From Toyah' entered the UK singles chart, eventually making No. 4 and remaining on the chart for almost four months.

.Please click here to view our 'Four From Toyah' 30th Anniversary feature. Celebrating 'It's A .Mystery', 'Revelations', 'War Boys' and 'Angels and Demons', and much more...

Dreamscape: Coming Soon! 14 February, 2011
Coming soon to Dreamscape: With just weeks to go until the first "From Sheep Farming To Anthem" gig we will be bringing you some very rare 'Sheep Farming' era Toyah photos. ( Thanks to Andi )

Andi Fraggs: Thanks! 14 February, 2011
Thank you to Andi Fraggs who has recently mentioned Dreamscape in some of his radio and press interviews.

This has resulted in a number of new visitors to the site over the last few weeks, including lifelong Toyah fans who weren't aware of the website.

Thanks again to Andi. We wish him the best of luck this year with his music and numerous other projects.

• Visit Andi's excellent
website, for news, gallery, song previews & more.
Dreamscape TV: Brave New World Interview 1982 11 February, 2011
It's Dreamscape TV's second update. We could almost rival Live From Studio Five for output at this rate... Cancelled you say? ... erm... ah, ok! This interview is from that amazing Summer of 1982, I'm not sure what the programme was called (Possibly... It'll Be A Laugh, Let's Let The Office Junior Do The Interviews This Week... who knows!). Toyah talks 'Brave New World', making the video, 'The Changeling' tour dates and more. Please click on the screen caps below to view the interview at 'YouTube' and here for larger versions of the caps. Stay tuned for more retro Toyah soon.

Daily Politics: BBC iPlayer/Screen Caps 10 February, 2011
Yesterday's The Daily Politics is available, until Wednesday 16th Feb, at BBC iPlayer. View here. Below are a few screen caps from Toyah's film, and studio interview. Click here for larger versions.

YouTubing With Toyah: Newshound 1985 10 February, 2011
A recent addition to 'YouTube', a rare interview with Toyah, looking utterly Minxtastic, from 1985.

A Day Is A Long Time In Politics 10 February, 2011
Toyah's short film and studio appearance yesterday, along with the subject she was debating, certainly gained much attention... Toyah was all over the BBC, tv and online. There were tweets all day, while numerous other websites either repeated or reported the BBC story, including Women's Views on News, and there was even a discussion on the 'Cosmopolitan' message boards.

Axonite's Sci-Fi Ramblings: Toyah Willcox 10 February, 2011
Thanks to Toyah battling ageism and sexism on the BBC yesterday (incidentally, that is the quietest I have ever saw Andrew Neil. Is he scared of Toyah or something?) Dreamscape received a (sort of) namecheck all of its own... courtesey of Axonite's Sci-Fi Ramblings website.

Toyah Willcox is back in the news today. These days, interviews with her are usually about age, ageism and face-flifts. But it wasn't always this way...

Back in the 80s, Toyah was a highly original singer. Any website will tell you that she was a punk rocker and actress. What they rarely say is that her music was raw, energetic, passionate and often inspired by Sci-Fi and Fantasy! Just take a look at some of these album covers! Despite her lisp, she had the sheer guts and drive to go on to top the charts with her unique singing.

Danced, for example, appears to be inspired by The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Here's a very intense website devoted to Toyah.

• Intense? Do they mean intense good or intense bad?
Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 10 February, 2011
• 'Endless Tours' have a feature, A Mexican Ghost Story: The Island Of Dolls, on the Cancun mummies at their website/blog. They even mention Toyah ("The British singer, Toyah Willcox, composed 'Mummies' in homage to the site"), who made one of the mummies the cover star of the band's debut single, 'Victims Of The Riddle', and wrote "Mummies" from 'The Blue Meaning' about them. Not for the faint hearted, view the feature here. (I have to admit they give me the absolute heebie jeebies!!)

• Toyah is namechecked, by Liam Rudden, in today's 'Edinburgh Evening News' in their "Spotlight On..." feature. View
here. (PS. Liam, course she could lol!)

• The' Coventry Telegraph' recently published an article on Vince Hill, in which they included two photos from the recording session of 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)'. View

Rebellion and are both covering the forthcoming 'Rebellion Festival' taking place in Blackpool with Toyah as a headliner. Adam Ant has also been confirmed.
BBC News/Politics: I Have Suffered Ageism & Sexism 9 February, 2011
Toyah Willcox: I have suffered ageism and sexism

Toyah's short film for The Daily Politics is now available to watch online at BBC News/Politics:

The singer-turned-presenter Toyah Willcox explains how she has suffered ageism and sexism throughout her career.

She said: "In my 20s, I was told by a camera lighting man I needed plastic surgery. In my 30s I was constantly told I needed to lose weight. And in my 40s, as a presenter, I was dismissed from a TV programme because they wanted to try someone younger. And now I am in my 50s? Men affectionately call me an old woman.

Each week, the Daily Politics offers a platform to a famous person to make a film with their views on a subject before debating them in the studio.

• Read the article and view Toyah's film at the 'BBC News/Politics' website, here.

• Currently, that's Midday on Wednesday 9th Feb, Toyah's report on ageism and sexism is the most popular political news story at the BBC's Democracy Live website.

BBC News/Politics: Respect, Please! 9 February, 2011
Toyah Willcox: Time to tackle ageism and sexism

Society needs to wise up according to pop star, campaigner and TV personality Toyah Willcox. After suffering sexism and ageism since her early 20s, she gives her personal viewpoint on why older women need more respect.

I am in my early 50s. By media standards, that's past it - just look what happened to the former Countryfile presenter, Miriam O'Reilly.

But I want to be relevant in the work place for at least another 15 years, and for people to look beyond the surface and see what I am capable of.

I'd like young people to seek my advice, and trust that the decades I have lived through have added to my abilities to be a valuable contributor to the workplace and society.

[ Toyah Willcox talks about attitudes to older women on BBC Two's Daily Politics at about 12.40 GMT on Wednesday 9 February. She will be debating her claims with MPs David Willetts and Jack Straw. ]

• Read the full article at the 'BBC News/Politics' website,
here. NB: The power and reach of 'BBC News'. This story has been re-reported by dozens of news wires, websites/blogs and tweets.

Toyah on TV: The Daily Politics 8 February, 2011
Toyah guests on tomorrow 's The Daily Politics on BBC2: Coming Up: Wed: Toyah Willcox on ageism and sexism.

More info from Toyah will be the featured guest on Daily Politics on Wednesday 9 February. Toyah will present a short film on ageism and sexism, followed by a live interview for the Soapbox segment. The programme begins broadcast at 11.30am on BBC 2. Toyah's feature will appear from approximately 12.30pm onwards. The programme will be available on BBC iPlayer.

NB: This edition of The Daily Politics will also air on BBC Parliament (Sky Channel 504) at 00.00am on Thursday 10th February.

• Visit The Daily Politics website, at,

Dreamscape TV: ATV Today/Review 8 February, 2011
Yipee! It's the launch of Dreamscape TV (ok, it's some old VHS clips, transferred to DVD, ripped to mpeg and uploaded to 'YouTube' but humour me :)). We are celebrating Toyah's breakthrough year at the moment, so to begin with we have a great interview with Toyah on ATV Today/Review from May 1981. Please click on the screen caps below to view the interview at 'YouTube' and click here for larger versions of the caps. Stay tuned for more old Toyah footage over the next few weeks!

Let's Dance For Comic Relief 8 February, 2011
Since yesterday's announcement that, the publicity shy, Katie Price/Jordan has signed up for "Let's Dance For Comic Relief 2011" reports on the Comic Relief/Red Nose Day event have escalated dramatically...

There are far too many to include them all, but a choice few include...
The Mirror, Holy Moly, Unreality TV and Whats On TV.
Toyah on TV 8 February, 2011
The Daily Politics : BBC2 - Wednesday 9th February : 11.30am
The Daily Politics : BBC Parliament - Thu 10th February : 00.00am
Andrew Neil and Anita Anand are here with live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions and the top political stories of the day. Available on BBC iPlayer (almost) immediately after airing.

Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home – Sunday 13th February : 8.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 – Sunday 13th February : 9.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home – Monday 14th February : 2.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 – Monday 14th February : 3.00am

Toyah Willcox v Kiki Dee. The bargain-spotting continues, here with rock queens Toyah Willcox and Kiki Dee shopping for hidden gems at an antique centre in Farnham, Surrey.

Kavanagh Q.C. : ITV3 - Wednesday 16th February : 11.10am
Kavanagh Q.C. : ITV3 +1 - Wednesday 16th February : 12.10pm
Kavanagh Q.C. : ITV3 - Thursday 17th February : 00.05am
Kavanagh Q.C. : ITV3 +1 - Thursday 17th February : 1.05am

A Family Affair (1995). Kavanagh finds himself caught up in a bitter family feud when he represents a frustrated father who has kidnapped his son in a desperate attempt to win custody. On the home front, Kavanagh’s daughter wants to let her boyfriend stay overnight. Directed by Renny Rye. With John Thaw, Holly Aird, Robert Ashby, Toyah Willcox and Lisa Harrow. Also showing on ITV3 HD.

Toyah Live 2011: Gigs Updated 8 February, 2011
Toyah at 'Here and Now' Ascot, August 2011, has now been officially confirmed. Upcoming live dates for Toyah are being added to her Gig Diary all the time. View full details of all the confirmed appearances at the Gigs page, here.

Saturday 26th February: Weekend Guitar Trio with Toyah & Jan Bang: Kings Place, London
Saturday 19th March: 48 Hour Party: 80s Weekender: Pontins, Southport
Sunday 20th March: From Sheep Farming To Anthem: The Cavern Club, Liverpool
Thursday 7th April: From Sheep Farming To Anthem: The Horn, St Albans
Saturday 16th April: From Sheep Farming To Anthem: HMV Institute, Birmingham
Friday 22nd April: Live PA: The Canterbury City Faerie Ball
Saturday 2nd July: From Sheep Farming To Anthem: The Regal, Oxford
Saturday 16th July: Toyah comperes at The Rock & Bike Festival (Non music)
Sunday 31st July: Rewind Festival, Scone Palace, Perth
Friday 5th August: From Sheep Farming To Anthem: Rebellion Punk Music Festival, Blackpool
Saturday 6th August: Here & Now: Ascot Racecourse
Saturday 20th August: Flashback To The 80s: Clumber Park, North Nottinghamshire
Sunday 21st August: Rewind Festival, Henley-On-Thames
Saturday 22nd october: From Sheep Farming To Anthem: The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Sunday 23rd October: From Sheep Farming To Anthem: Jack Rabbit Slims. Hoylake, Wirral

• Toyah is included on the latest Cavern Club flyer. View here, and see The Best of the '80s comes to Ascot for the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup at 'Ascot Insider', here.

Toyah 50: Lost and Found! 6 February, 2011
Over the last 12 months, since my old laptop fizzled out and I lost loads of files (back ups? pfffft!!) I've had many emails asking why the two video files in the TOYAH50 mini-site weren't available... well now they have been rediscovered, reuploaded and are ready and waiting to be viewed once again. Click to the left below to view Toyah's message, to the right for her very first music recording, and inbetween to relive our Toyah's 50th birthday celebrations in full!

• Thanks to Paul Stephens for the birthdaybrilliant message from Toyah, and to Andi for, Toyah's first music recording, the brilliant 'Floating Free' from Glitter (with Phil Daniels on guitar).

Toyah 30: Four (Interviews) From Toyah 5 February, 2011
We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Toyah's breakthrough year... 1981! Visit Dreamscape's Audio/Video Downloads for four great interviews from Toyah from various months of '81. Click below for the Downloads section.

1. Radio One: My Top 12 (Nov 1981): Toyah chooses her favourite songs and talks about her life, music, hobbies, childhood, fans, career… 2. Radio One: The Annie Nightingale Show: (Aug 1981): Toyah talks to Annie about her life, 1981 and new single. 3. BFBS Radio: (Dec 1981): Toyah interviewed in Europe at the end of her successful 1981. She talks about the year, her future plans, Christmas and the band’s new EP ‘Four More From Toyah’. 4. Radio One: Talkabout (Feb 1981): A Valentine’s Day special. (Thanks to Giddy Gavin [aka Logan 5] and Sean)

Red Nose Day 2011/Let's Dance For Comic Relief 5 February, 2011
More reports on the launch of this year's Red Nose Day campaign, and the inclusion of Let's Dance For Comic Relief for a third year.

Read the 'Female First' report
here, '' here and 'Oh Gossip' here. There's a plethora of Red Nose Day merchandise available, including a Vivienne Westwwod designed William Shakespeare t-shirt, red noses (yup!), badges, a cook book and much more.

Red Nose Day takes place on Friday 18th March on BBC One, with a huge night of entertaintment fronted by the likes of Fearne Cotton, Davina McCall and James Corden.

• A free fundraising kit is available
here, containing everything you need to raise lots of cash!
The Magical Faerie Festival 2011 4 February, 2011
Come and play with the Canterbury faeries this Easter Weekend!!

The excellent promotional images for Toyah's appearance (PA) at Canterbury's Magical Faerie Festival in April. Toyah plays The Canterbury City Faerie Ball on Friday 22nd April.

At each of our events we endeavour to create a mystical and uplifting atmosphere where visitors can enjoy live music, take part in an eclectic selection of mystical workshops and generally let their wings down!

Over the past five years The Magical Faerie Festival has continued to steadily grow and now welcomes over 2,000 people during the three day celebration. There are many special guest artists, performers and workshop facilitators attending the festival from all over the world.

The 80's legend 'Toyah Willcox' will be performing at The Magical Faerie Ball on Friday 22nd April (the evening before the main fairy event).

• Please click
here or below to visit 'The Magical Faerie Festival' website.

Official Toyah: February 2011 Blog 4 February, 2011
Toyah's February blog has been added to The Official Toyah Willcox website. As always it's an interesting read with lots of projects in the pipeline. Toyah also mentions a BBC4 documentary about Top Of The Pops which possibly means that the channel will be re-airing old episodes this year. I'm sure everyone will also join me in sending best wishes to Toyah's mum. Click below to visit. now has a dedicated page for "From Sheep Farming To Anthem". View that here.

Rock & Bike Festival 2011 4 February, 2011
The promo poster for the ' Rock & Bike Festival 2011', including Toyah as "Special Guest". The festival takes place 14th - 16th July in Loughborough. Toyah won't be performing, she is compering on Saturday 16th. Please click below on each picture for 1) Line-up 2011, 2) Larger version of the promo poster, 3) A large collection of Vampires Rock photos from the 'Rock & Bike Festival 2010'.

Let's Dance For Comic Relief: Newsy Bits! 4 February, 2011
There have been numerous entertainment and news websites reporting on Comic Relief 2011 and Let's Dance For Comic Relief, over the last couple of days.

• 'London Net' report "Red Nose Day launched by Lara "Marilyn" Stone, View

• 'The Sun' says "Celebs get ready to strut their stuff", view

• 'What's on TV' Comic Relief 2011 - About the show. View

• 'Heatworld' have a feature: Five reasons why this year's Red Nose Day will be amazing. View that

• 'Telly Mix': Chesney Hawkes and Lulu join Let's Dance For Comic Relief 2011 line-up. View
YouTubing With Toyah: Live @ Kremlin 4 February, 2011
Toyah performing 'Echo Beach' live at Kremlin, Belfast last Saturday. Please click below to watch or double click to view at 'YouTube' (Thanks to lilythepink & Paul)

REWIND: The 80s Festival 2011 4 February, 2011
'Rewind The 80s Festival' has been revamped for 2011, with new branding/logo, and they have also opened a new website.

Toyah plays at both Rewind Festivals this Summer: Scone Palace, Perth, Scotland: 29th - 31st July, and Henley-On-Thames, England: 19th - 21st August. Toyah plays on Sunday at both festivals.

There are numerous other artists and bands playing, including The Human League, Kim Wilde, China Crisis, Nik Kershaw, Go West, ABC, Fiction Factory, The Bluebells, T'Pau, Howard Jones and many more.

Check out the new website by clicking below. There's line-up info, ticket booking, news, camping details and much more.

Here and Now: The Cream Of The '80s At Ascot 3 February, 2011
'Here and Now' have announced that Toyah will, once again, be included in the line up of artists playing their show at Ascot Racecourse this coming August. Toyah last played Ascot in August 2008.

Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup: 6th August 2011

Ascot Racecourse has announced its much anticipated line up for the ‘80s concert after racing on Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup Day on Saturday 6th August.

To mark the Royal Racecourse’s 300th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of promoter Here and Now, there will be no fewer than ten acts performing a two and a half hour set of their greatest hits from the 1980’s after racing. The full line-up is as follows:

Jason Donovan | Kid Creole & The Coconuts | Jimmy Somerville | Paul Young | Toyah | China Crisis | Odyssey | Altered Images | Brother Beyond | Visage

Aussie legend Jason Donovan is very excited about the prospect of playing at the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup: ‘I can’t wait to perform at Ascot on the Here and Now Tour when the days are longer and warmer - it should be a great day and I’m really looking forward to it!’

Kid Creole added: ‘Ascot - 300 years - and still going strong. What a thrill to be associated with an idea that conjures up the very ingredients that I adore: hats, glamour, tradition, heritage, flamboyance, competition, thrills and romance ..... Perfect!’

Ticket start from £26 per person and can be purchased at or call 0870 727 1234.

• Visit The 'Here and Now' tours page, here. NB: Toyah's inclusion at the Ascot show hasn't been officially confirmed yet by

Digital Spy: Let's Dance For Comic Relief 3 February, 2011
Chesney Hawkes and Lulu have joined the lineup of celebrities on Let's Dance For Comic Relief.

Hosted by Steve Jones and The One Show's Alex Jones, the comedy dance programme will air in the run-up to this year's Red Nose Day.

Lulu, TV presenter Caroline Flack, Ade Edmondson and Lee Nelson are all taking part in the dance contest. Meanwhile, one-hit wonder Hawkes will join Toyah Willcox, Clare Grogan and Limahl in a supergroup on the show.

TV comics Miranda Hart, Keith Lemon and Felix Dexter will be on the rotating judging panel.

Let's Dance For Comic Relief starts on Saturday, February 19 on BBC One

• Visit 'Digital Spy'
here. Visit the official 'Red Nose Day 2011' website, here. Toyah is scheduled to appear on the BBC One show on Saturday 5th March.
Toyah on TV & Radio 2 February, 2011
The Lee Mack Show : BBC Radio 7 - Wed 2nd February : 11.00pm
The sharp comedian presents stand-up, sketches and music. From April 2005. Episode 6 of 6. Starring: Toyah Willcox, Angela McHale and Steve Brown. Available on BBC iPlayer immediately after airing.

Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home – Sunday 13th February : 8.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 – Sunday 13th February : 9.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home – Monday 14th February : 2.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 – Monday 14th February : 3.00am

Toyah Willcox v Kiki Dee. The bargain-spotting continues, here with rock queens Toyah Willcox and Kiki Dee shopping for hidden gems at an antique centre in Farnham, Surrey.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 2 February, 2011
• Great to hear that Toyah is still being regularly played on 'Flashback Alternatives'. The most recent was, the awesome, 'Bird in Flight' at the weekend. (Thanks to Kevin)

• Phil Spalding, bass player with Toyah circa late 1980 to 1983, is appearing with punk band Eat This at the 12Bar Club in Denmark Street, London on Thursday 10th February. They are supporting Night Parade. View more info here. (Thanks to Craig Renwick)

• Henley Standard: New names lined up as Eighties Rewind festival returns - View

• Henley Standard: Full line-up at a glance - View

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Final Series 2 February, 2011
Not strictly Toyah news, but she did appear in the first two series... The fourth, and final, series of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl began last night on ITV2, with eight episodes through until 22nd March.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare: The Tempest 2 February, 2011
A new look at Derek Jarman's The Tempest, published just yesterday by 'Brush Up Your Shakespeare'.

Another key figure of madness is Miranda. As performed by Toyah Willcox (who played the character named Mad in Jubilee), this Prospero's daughter is far from the demure maiden of traditional stagings. Jarman and Willcox's creation is very much flesh and blood – albeit with a bizarre taste in hairdos – sensually in love with the handsome young castaway, Ferdinand (David Meyer).

• View the full review at the 'Brush Up Your Shakespeare' website, here. Visit Dreamscape's page dedicated to The Tempest/Toyah as Miranda at our "Extras" section, here.

Dreamscape Four From Toyah 30th Anniversay Feature
Click for a larger version - Thanks to Paul
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