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Christmas Countdown: The Vow, 1983

December 14th, 2015

christmas14fChristmas 1983, Toyah was promoting ‘The Vow’, the final single for Safari Records, the ‘Love Is The Law’ album, and travelling the UK on the ‘Rebel Run’ Tour. Toyah, and the band, appeared on numerous TV shows in the UK and Europe through November and December, being interviewed as well as performing ‘The Vow’ and ‘Rebel Run’.

The TV shows included; Pebble Mill, Did You See?, Pop Watch, Saturday Superstore, Breakfast Time, Razzmatazz, The Saturday Show, Harty, Crackerjack and Judgendbund. Other shows included in ‘The Vow’ promotion were; TVAM: Good Morning Britain and 60 Minutes


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Remember 1983: Martian Cowboy

May 7th, 2013

One of Toyah’s greatest ballads, and a standout song on the Love Is The Law album… Martian Cowboy… Will it be included in the set list of the Autumn anniversary tour? View a larger version of Dreamscape’s MC image here. (Thanks to Andi for the HQ photo)

Remember 1983: ‘The Saturday Show’ Screen Caps

May 5th, 2013

Dreamscape is Remembering 1983 all this year! Toyah guested on ITV’s The Saturday Show (the successor to TISWAS) that year, co-hosting the programme with Isla St Clair. Click below for larger versions of the screen caps. (Thanks to Andi for this great Toyah footage)

Remember 1983: ‘The Saturday Show’ Clip

May 5th, 2013

Toyah appearing on The Saturday Show in 1983. (Thanks to Andi for this great Toyah footage)

Remember 1983: Rebel Run

April 21st, 2013

Praying to the silent man…

‘Rebel Run’, released in September 1983, was Toyah’s 13th single in the UK. It’s fitting that the song is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary in 2013.

This was one of only two singles to be released by Toyah in 1983 and was the debut from the album ‘Love Is The Law’. It was written by Toyah and Simon Darlow and reached number 24 in the UK Top 40.

Toyah made a memorable video for the single and promoted it with numerous appearances and interviews on shows including TVAM’s Summer Run, Hold Tight, The Saturday Show, Saturday Superstore, and German TV show Jugendabend. The video was also played on Top Of The Pops.

Toyah said of the imagery: “This is the Rebel Run look. I was into armour. A friend, Simon, made a bronze headdress based on the skeletal structure of American football players.”

• Download ‘Rebel Run’ at iTunes, view the promo video, and the airing on Top Of The Pops. Watch Toyah perform the single on Hold Tight and Saturday Superstore. Listen to the song live at Hammersmith Odeon on the ‘Rebel Run’ Tour in December 1983. Andromeda Rising covered the song in 2005. Listen to their version here.

Remember 1983: Toyah & Joel @ ‘Crackerjack’

February 4th, 2013

Crackerjastic photos of Toyah and Joel at BBC Television Theatre (now the Shepherds Bush Empire), in late 1983, to film Crackerjack. They performed ‘The Vow’ (view the clip at You Tube), and appeared in the end-of-show line up, on the show which aired on 9th December 1983 on BBC1. Please click on the photos to zoom. (Thanks to Kev Tucker for these rare photos)

Remember ’83: A New Feature

January 13th, 2013

A new ongoing Dreamscape feature for 2013: Remember ’83 – Sporadic updates looking back at Toyah’s year.

1983 was a really interesting time for Toyah and her fans, the last one at Safari Records, a final Toyah band album/tour and a real period of change!

It’s a busy year to recall; Toyah’s fifth studio album ‘Love Is The Law’, Trafford Tanzi, The Ebony Tower, the ‘Rebel Run’ Tour, more great images and photo-shoots, many TV and radio appearances & interviews, numerous magazine covers & press articles…

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Classic Toyah: The Saturday Show 1982/83

November 4th, 2012

A few more eightiestastic photos of Toyah taken when she guested on The Saturday Show in 1982 and then presented an edition of the programme, in 1983. View more here. Please click below to zoom. (Thanks again to Ray Sears for sharing his rare photos of Toyah!)

Classic Toyah: The Saturday Show 1983

October 22nd, 2012

More Saturday Show photos. These were taken when Toyah co-presented the programme in 1983. Please click below to zoom. (Thanks again to Ray Sears for the photos)

Classic Toyah: LITL/Trafford Tanzi Fan Photos

September 3rd, 2012

More great photos of Toyah in 1983. These were taken when Toyah was recording the Love Is The Law album while, simultaneously, starring in Trafford Tanzi at the Mermaid Theatre in London. Click on these to view larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)

Classic Toyah: Trafford Tanzi Fan Photos

August 30th, 2012

Is it just me who can’t quite believe that Trafford Tanzi was almost 30 years ago!!?!! These great photos of Toyah, from various months through the Summer of 1983 while she was starring in the play at the Mermaid Theatre, were sold through the Intergalactic Ranchouse newsletters. Click on the photos to view larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)