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Dreamscape Advent Calendar 2018: Day 8

December 8th, 2018

christmas2018dChristmas 2011, ITV’s This Morning got into the festive spirit with their Big Fat Panto Quiz.

Paul Ross was Quizmaster, with Bonnie Langford, The Krankies, Timmy Mallet, Lynda Bellingham, Kevin Cruise and Toyah, all in full panto dress/character, answering the questions.

Panto is a huge Christmas tradition here in the UK. Oh yes it is! A short clip from The Big Fat Panto Quiz is still available online here. Please click on the caps to view larger versions.


You Tubing With Dreamscape: This Morning (1994)

June 8th, 2013

Just uploaded to You Tube, an interview from This Morning in 1994. Toyah was in the midst of ‘Dreamchild’, ‘(Take The) Leap!’ and the ‘Leap 2 Dream’ Tour at the time.

This Morning: Toyah Interview 1992: “Mellow & Mature”

March 29th, 2012

20 years ago! An interesting and honest interview from This Morning in 1992. Richard and Judy talk to Toyah about Memoirs Of A Survivor, her childhood, privacy, the press, fans, the recent Anthony Clare radio interview, being a parent and more. View the full interview below or at ‘You Tube’ here. Click on the screen caps for larger versions.