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Toyah Newsy Bits: Kaleidoscope Man/Heckle

May 10th, 2018

kman16aKaleidoscope Man: Toyah was in the dubbing studio for K-Man last week – See her tweet…

Kaleidoscope Man: Browse our K-Man news archive here…

The Comet: Cameras roll in Stevenage restaurant for feature-length film: Voodoo Productions, based in Luton, have been filming feature-length psychological thriller Heckle at Misya in Stevenage High Street. The film, about a stand-up comedian who gets heckled during a performance and goes mad, stars Hollywood legend Clark Gable’s grandson, also named Clark Gable, Danny Dyer’s daughter – called Dani Dyer – Nicholas Vince of Hellraiser, and singer and actress Toyah Willcox – Continue reading at The Comet…

Heckle: Toyah has a role in another new film, HeckleSee her tweet…

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

October 10th, 2016

tnecho16aThe Northern Echo: Acoustic, Up Close: The once rebellious, wild woman of the British mainstream pop scene with her dangerously pink hair and fire in her eyes, Toyah Willcox still oozes charisma. I wonder if she and David Bowie had the same hairdresser? – Continue reading…

Live 2016: There are still a number of gigs and appearances taking place through the remainder of October – See Toyah’s Official Gig page…

Kaleidoscope Man: Tanks vs Aliens – Let Battle Commence!: Finally, after 4 years of dreaming and planning, I am delighted to tell you that we’ve finally completed the one part of the movie I was truly terrified about doing. The tanks vs aliens battle scenes – Continue reading…

Sounds Of The 80s: Toyah chose Voodoo Doll as her 80s b-side on BBC Radio 2. There’s still time to listen to the show at BBC iPlayer…

Great Yarmouth Film Festival: Toyah guested at this event at the end of September, introducing Quadrophenia.

Crime and Punishment: The final performance of Crime and Punishment took place at The Scoop Theatre on 24th September…

D&C Film: Exclusive Interview with Simon Cox

July 4th, 2016

kman16dExclusive interview with Simon Cox, director of Kaleidoscope Man

You’ve just returned from the cinema and what an experience: the music, the action, the story, the special effects and those edge-of-your-seat moments! If you’re an independent filmmaker or film fan you might dream one day of making such a film. So you’ve decided to make to make a feature film, not only that, but fund it independently, gather a wonderful team and five hundred supporters from around the world. Simon Cox, director of sci-fi feature film Kaleidoscope Man, has done just that. I was intrigued to find out more , so I caught up with him.

JT: What was the moment you decided to embark on making a sci-fi feature film ?

SC: I’ve wanted to make an epic sci-fi movie since I first saw the original Star Wars when I was 13. I came up with the initial idea for Kaleidoscope Man back in 1999 after I’d finished my first feature Written in Blood (1998). I had no idea it would take me nearly 20 years to make!

JT: How did you go about getting the team together to make K – Man?

SC: Having worked in TV and film over the years, a lot of the people I’ve brought in were people I’d met along the way. I also found a few local people who have since joined the team. Our cameraman, Gordon Hickie, shot my first feature film (Written in Blood) and he now shoots Holby City, Casualty and The Inspector Lyndley Mysteries.

I found the cast via acting agencies apart from Toyah Willcox who I met at a film meeting a few years ago.

• Continue reading the interview at D&C Film. Browse Dreamscape’s Kaleidoscope Man news archive. (Photo ©


Kaleidoscope Man: One Day Seminar

May 5th, 2016

kman16aHow I’m Making an Epic Sci-Fi Movie That Will Change the World. And Why You Should Follow Your Dream Too!

In 2006, UK filmmaker Simon Cox announced to a group of friends that his new movie, Kaleidoscope Man, would be the biggest British indie sci-fi movie of all time – A sweeping statement? Or was it?

After years of trying to get his second movie funded through traditional film industry routes, it was at this moment that Simon made the decision to stop chasing carrots and do whatever needed to be done to achieve his dream; making an epic sci-fi movie that would move and inspire people in the same way the original Star Wars inspired him. But, he was in his 40’s with a young family, broke, feeling washed up and beginning to realise that perhaps Hollywood wasn’t about to come knocking.

Now in 2016, Simon has nearly finished the hugely ambitious Kaleidoscope Man. And its good. In fact, it’s very good. But the road to getting it made has certainly been rocky and full of challenges and the finance to do it has not fallen into his lap.

Come to our fascinating one day seminar and discover from Simon himself just how he and a team of friends have managed to pull off this incredible feat.

• How they convinced 700+ people to run from attacking alien ships in Central Birmingham.

• Built the international space station in a warehouse in Nuneaton (with materials from Wikes DIY store).

• How they convinced 80’s pop icon Toyah Willcox to star in the movie.

• Sent fleets of attacking alien ships flying over Central London.

• Turned Birmingham into a deserted battlefield.

• Got primetime TV coverage on BBC London Tonight.

• Discovered a young illustrator who went from creating images for Kaleidoscope Man to Godzilla, Star Wars the Force Awakes and now Star Wars Rouge One.

• Pulled together over 500+ people to help get the movie made.

You’ll hear amusing anecdotes, see fascinating behind the scenes videos and some exclusive clips from the movie – before anyone else sees them.

Alpha Star Productions
Saturday, June 25, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (BST)
Birmingham, United Kingdom

• Continue reading at Event Tribe. Chek out the Kaleidoscope Man website for updates and recent behind-the-scenes photos from the film shoots.


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Kaleidoscope Man: New Photo/Blog Update

April 23rd, 2016

Toyah and Sophie Anderson in a scene from forthcoming film Kaleidoscope Man. Artist Angie Cox recently tweeted the photo, saying: “My painting will be in Kaleidoscope Man. Toyah Willcox and Sophie Anderson talking about my painting in this scene“.


Director/creator of Kaleidoscope Man, Simon Cox, also updated the blog on the film’s official website at the end of last month.

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Kaleidoscope Man: Poster by Matt Allsopp

February 19th, 2016

kmanposter16bA new Kaleidoscope Man poster, painted by Matt Allsopp who recently did the concept art for Godzilla and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Kaleidoscope Man is a fantastic new sci-fi movie – currently being made in phases. For phases 1 to 7 they successfully crowd-funded over £40,000 and shot various scenes that fit around the main story and characters.

They now have some private investors on board and have just completed shooting for phase 7. This means that 93% of the movie has been completed. With another mix of private investment and some additional crowd funding the plan is to get the movie completely shot over the next few months.

If all goes to schedule Kaleidoscope Man should be released in the summer of 2016.

Toyah has a role in this forthcoming film, playing Clare Dove. Visit the Kaleidoscope Man website. Browse Dreamscape’s KMan news archive here.

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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

October 28th, 2015

veronica15aDiana Remembered: October 27th 1986 ~ Princess Diana meets singer Toyah Willcox, at Women Of The Year Lunch, Savoy Hotel – View photos at Twitter / Watch Toyah’s speech from the lunch at You Tube…

Veronica: A rare Toyah feature in a 1982 issue of Dutch magazine VeronicaView at ebay…

Saturday Superstore: Toyah, looking beautiful, performs The Vow in 1983 – Saturday morning TV used to be unbelievably good – Watch at You Tube…

Kurious Planet: Kaleidoscope Man: Being camera assistant on Kaleidoscope Man was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to work with some very talented cast and crew including Gordon Hickie, cameraman for the BBC’s Holby City and Toyah Willcox, legendary singer and actress – Continue reading…

Byronesque Vintage: Epic. Toyah Willcox in Issey Miyake, 1980s – View at Instagram…

Official Instagram: A fantastic retro Prostitute t-shirt… Toyah and some zombies (from the forthcoming Doctors episode)… Toyah and a huge tennis ball in Bridgwater…

The Lost Highway Hotel: Review: Aaaaaaaah!: Like it or not (and many will quite understandably hate it), this is one of the most audacious films of the year. It’s detractors will call it over-indulgent nonsense of the worst kind, but they’ll be missing how, regardless of its ugliness and supposed flippancy, perseverance yields results. Somehow, amid what seems like nonsense, Oram conjures emotional investment. The film’s finale is quietly devastating – Continue reading…

Dear Mr Kershaw – A Pensioner Writes: The Letters of Wilf Turnbull and Derek Philpott, which included a letter to Toyah about I Want To Be Free, are now published as a book – More info/Buy it here…

Kaleidoscope Man: Phase 6 – Our Biggest Shoot Yet!

July 22nd, 2015

kman15bWhat a few months we’ve had! June began with an investment from two investors with an amount that would enable us to get a good two weeks’ worth of shooting in the can. So in mid-June, we assembled our cast and crew and got to work…

Firstly, we filmed in an old medieval priory called The CharterHouse in Coventry. This doubled up as a care centre in which our hero Tom works. It is here that we meet Floyd, Harriet and Samantha, some of the characters Tom take with him during the alien invasion and who will eventually help in saving the Earth. These were played by Simon Haycock (Tom), Danny Steele (Floyd), Julie Hoult (Harriet) and Sophie Anderson (Samantha). We also had the wonderful Toyah Willcox with us who plays the Senior Nurse, Claire Dove.

• Continue reading at (Photo ©

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Films: Kaleidoscope Man

June 16th, 2015

kman15aToyah tweeted yesterday that she is filming the new movie project Kaleidoscope Man this week.

View a photo of Toyah with some of the cast and crew at Instagram.

• Browse all of Dreamscape’s Kaleidoscope Man news.

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Coventry Telegraph: Sci-Fi Film Could Hit Screens in 2015

January 30th, 2015

covtel15aSci-fi film by Nuneaton movie maker could hit screens in 2015

Film-maker Simon Cox has high hopes of seeing an ambitious project hit the screens later this year. His full-length sci-fi movie Kaleidoscope Man is now nearing completion – after two years of fund-raising, putting together an impressive cast and shooting scenes on locations throughout the Midlands.

Mr Cox, whose Alpha Star Productions company is based in Nuneaton, said: “We have around 45 per cent of the movie in the can and it looks really amazing. “We’re planning a big shoot in early March when we will film another battle scene in Birmingham – which will include using genuine military tanks in the city centre.”

Kaleidoscope Man is an all-action adventure story which stars Lucy Drive, Simon Haycock and 80s pop legend Toyah Willcox.

• Continue reading at the Coventry Telegraph.

Graham Inman: Film Maker Profile: Simon Cox

June 17th, 2014

kman14dFilm Maker Profile: Simon Cox – Kaleidoscope Man

Simon Cox has worked in the UK TV and Film industry for over 20 years for the BBC, Channel four and five as well as directing a feature film of his own and is now attempting to make Independent film history by writing and directing a full-on sci-fi thriller – Kaleidoscope Man:

When psychiatrist and father-to-be Thomas Dunn’s patients begin to share terrifying visions of the destruction of planet Earth a chain reaction is begun which could threaten everything that he holds dear. He and a group of his patients must battle their own demons as well as invading aliens in Earth’s last stand.

• Continue reading at Graham Read another new interview with Simon Cox, at The Cutting Room Floor.

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Kaleidoscope Man: Film Website

June 9th, 2014

kman14bHelp Kaleidoscope Man save the Earth…

Kaleidoscope Man is a fantastic new sci-fi movie we’re making – And we’re making it in phases. For phase 1,2 & 3 we sucessfully crowd-funded over £19,000 and have shot various scenes that fit around the main story and characters.

We are delighted to let you know that phase 4 is now live:

• Visit the Kaleidoscope Man website.

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Frisco Kid: Simon Cox Shoots “Kaleidoscope Man”

May 24th, 2014

kman14cIndie Film Focus: Director Simon Cox Shoots “Kaleidoscope Man” Star Lucy Drive’s First Scene

Kaleidoscope Man is an indie science fiction thriller — which involves an alien invasion of Earth — currently in production by its writer-director-producer, Simon Cox, via his UK-based Alphastar Productions company. This is a film that Simon has been working on for quite some time. He is currently in Phase 4 of shooting, having gotten about 35% in the can so far. The production is practically 100% crowdfunded — the current Indiegogo campaign aims to fund the remainder of production, including (if possible) scenes on an alien planet (to be shot on location in the Canary Islands).

• Continue reading at Frisco Kid At The Movies.

Tyburn Mail: ‘Extras’ Needed For Birmingham Sci-Fi Film

March 30th, 2014

tybmail14aAround 100 ‘extras’ will be needed in Birmingham tonight for a scene in a science fiction film.

The film Kaleidoscope Man, directed by Simon Cox, will star Toyah Willcox.

Tonight’s scene (Sunday 30th March) will be filmed in Cornwall Street, off Margaret Street and Edmund Street, between 7.30pm and 10.30pm. The film crew are hoping to capture crowd action and special effects scenes.

• Continue reading at the Tyburn Mail.

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Birmingham Mail: The Day The Aliens Invaded Brum

February 14th, 2014

bmail14aNew science fiction film shot in Birmingham city centre features humans being zapped in Victoria Square

It’s like a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster, with screaming crowds running for their lives from alien spaceships. But look closer and the out-of-this world invaders zapping fleeing terrified humans are flying above the streets of Birmingham.

Simon Cox has written and directs Kaleidoscope Man, which is being shot in the city – and stars Kings Heath-born Toyah Willcox. The movie features Victoria Square as the backdrop for one scene where 700 extras flee the alien laser strike.

• Continue reading at the Birmingham Mail.

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Coventry Telegraph: Simon Cox Plots Hollywood Sci-Fi Blockbuster

February 4th, 2014

covtel14aSimon Cox is seeking financial backing for ambitious sci-fi thriller ‘The Kaleidoscope Man’

Film-maker Simon Cox is seeking financial backing for an ambitious sci-fi thriller, which he says “is starting to look like a Hollywood blockbuster.” Simon is based at Nuneaton’s Centenary Business centre and already has half of the project in the can, but now needs investors to come on board to help him complete the next phase.

His feature-length movie is called ‘The Kaleidoscope Man’ and last year he transformed his studio into the set of an International Space Station, while another scene had 700 people screaming through the streets of Birmingham from an onslaught of attacking alien spaceships and outdoor shooting has also taken place in Kenilworth.

…Eighties pop star Toyah Willcox and TV drama actess Lucy Drive both have parts in “Kaleidoscope Man” which is being put together through Simon’s Alpha Star Productions company.

• Continue reading at the Coventry Telegraph. View a photo Simon posted at Facebook of himself and Toyah. Become involved by donating to help the film progress at Indiegogo.

Films 2014: Three For Toyah

January 30th, 2014

Toyah is currently working on three film projects; 3 Sides Of The Coin, Kaleidoscope Man and Aaaaaaaah! – View more details on all three at The Official Toyah Willcox Website.


Kaleidoscope Man

January 25th, 2014

This looks incredible. Kaleidoscope Man by Director Simon Cox. Take a look and maybe lend your support. Find full details on this exciting new film project at Indiegogo.


Help us complete the most AMBITIOUS, most EXCITING, most ENJOYABLE UK Indie sci-fi movie Ever… Meet some of our cast: Lucy Drive as Mandy Dunn, Toyah Willcox as Clare Dove, Raine McCormack as Freddie Dunn, Ben Shockley as Billy McCoy.

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