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Brilliant Day: Let’s celebrate 25 Years Of Toyah in ’03!

November 23rd, 2002

Brilliant Day 2003Thanks so much to everyone who has shown interest in celebrating 25 years of Toyah in 2003.

BRILLIANT DAY – 25 Years Of Toyah (changed from Toyah’s Silver Jubilee), so long as enough people want to attend, will definitely be happening. So please, if you can make it to Stoke, late February (either a Saturday or Sunday) then let me know and I’ll add your name to the list (see below).

The info that’s available so far, though obviously could change, is as follows:

A ‘Brilliant Day’ of Toyah fun, celebration and partying for Toyah fans/followers old & new, young, young at heart, and not-so-young – sometime late February 2003 at ‘The Club’ in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent (generously provided by John – aka Ruby). Possibly in conjunction with the release of the new “Little Tears Of Love” EP and even a possibility that Carlton TV may film a part of their new Toyah documentary on the day too (NB – Both of these are definitely NOT confirmed to happen as yet).

Anyone wishing to buy, sell, trade or swap Toyah memoribilia is welcome to bring it along to do so during the day. We are hoping to be showing retro Toyah TV appearances all day too. A Toyah impersonator, or a Toyah lookey likey competition, or both, will take place early evening.

The day will end with a party, Toyah sounds aplenty, interspersed with lots of other ’80s classics. Eighties pop star fancy dress is optional but hopefully some folks will rise to the challenge! It would be good to see Toyah, Adam Ant, Siouxsie, Madonna etc shaking their thang on the dancefloor:)

Susan Hailes from ‘The Stage’ is hoping to get us a few column inches to spread the word and maybe a few other papers/websites will help out too.

Stoke bound so far – David, John, Carl, Craig, Dan Greensmith, Paul & Sue Richards, Alec & friends, Richard, Brian, Paul Cable & friends, Michael O’Brien, Kev Tucker & friends, Claire Ormrod & friends, Dean Warren, Jonathan Benson, Steve Bennett, Karen Wadsworth, Roger & Shaun, Russell Eden, Sean, Anya, Dave Gilchrist…

More information soon.

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Toyah’s ‘Silver Jubilee’ in 2003?

November 10th, 2002

Toyah's Silver JubileeNext year is, albeit completely unofficial, Toyah’s “Silver Jubilee”!

‘What are you talking about?’, I hear you holler!

Well, in 1978 things started “happening” for TW – big style. Her music, film, theatre and television careers all seemed to conspire to ensure she got very little sleep that year!

The Toyah band finally took shape – in the form of Joel Bogen on guitar, Steve Bray on drums, Pete Bush on keyboards and Mark Henry on bass (though very soon replaced by Charlie Francis), and, of course, Toyah on vocals/verbals/strange noises! They appeared on their first TV show too, Pebble Mill At One and soon-after signed to Safari Records.

Jubilee opened in UK and European cinemas in ’78, and Toyah spent a chunk of the year filming The Corn Is Green and Quadrophenia for the big screen and Quatermass for the small.

So 2003 really is, technically at least, the 25th anniversary of Toyahdom!

Thanks to Robbie and Deano over at Angels & Demons I’ve had an idea:) A one-day Toyah convention to celebrate this important landmark. I’m mentioning it now so that everyone has plenty of time to decide whether this is a good idea, where (Ruby’s – Stoke?) and when (Toyah’s 45th birthday or Summer 2003?) it could take place, and if they want to attend.

A rough guide to ‘Toyah’s Jubilee’ Convention:

• During the day – memoribila stalls, Toyah items – buy, sell, trade?
• Early evening – lookalike competition or Toyah impersonator?
• Night – Big party, 80s Popstar fancy-dress (Thanks Brian;), wall-to-wall Toyah sounds!

Other suggestions, so far, include a charity auction, competitions, Toyah footage video-wall, live performances by the lookalikes (soundalikes – ‘Stars In Their Ieya’s’).

Now at present this is all totally hypothetical but also completely possible. What does everyone else think? A good idea?, crap idea?, too tacky? Please contribute or make suggestions. If this is to become a reality then it would be fantastic to get as many Toyah fans (UK, Europe, US, everywhere) as possible to attend.