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Live! 2018: 80’s Weekender – 48 Hour Party

March 20th, 2018

Toyah is busy, busy, busy in her big birthday year, with numerous gigs, festivals and personal appearances. She played a 30-minute set at the 80’s Weekender – 48 Hour Party last week in Camber Sands alongside Chesney Hawkes, Tight Fit, Hazell Dean and a variety of tribute bands. Thanks to Brian for this great shot from the gig. Click below for the full/larger version. (Photo © Brian Marsh Photography)


Sleeping Beauty: Toyah & Cast by Brian Marsh

January 5th, 2013

It’s the first Gallery update of 2013! Sensational photos of Toyah, Gareth Gates and some of the Sleeping Beauty cast. These shots were taken on Wednesday. View larger versions at Dreamscape’s Gallery. (Photos © Brian Marsh Photography | Thanks to Brian)

Fotofriends: Toyah Live by Brian Marsh

September 6th, 2012

Over the last, almost, 13 years Dreamscape has been sent thousands of photos of Toyah from the numerous live gigs, tours and PA’s of the late 90’s, through the Noughties and into this decade (the Teenies?). I’m thinking of maybe celebrating the generous photographers by looking back at some of their photos in a new feature I’m considering calling ‘Fotofriends’ (hey! stop sniggering). To begin with… Brian Marsh, and just a few of his great Toyah photos.

These are from: 80’s Weekender, Camber Sands (March 2010), The Faerie Ball, Canterbury (April 2011), The 48 Hour Party, Camber Sands (March 2009), Battle Abbey, Hastings (August 2007), and the main photo is from The Best Of The 80’s UK Tour (October 2004). That’s Brian with Toyah at Target 30: The Quadrophenia Convention (April 2008), bottom left.