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Maigret: Complete Collection: Newsy Bits & Pieces!

March 11th, 2013

Various recent press and reviews for the newly released Region 1 DVD box set of Maigret: The Complete Collection.

USA Today: DVD extra: Michael Gambon’s ‘Maigret’ out this week: New boxed set features complete collection of episodes from 1992 detective series ‘Maigret’ starring Michael Gambon (Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Headmaster Dumbledore).

Sentinel Source: Old ‘Maigret’ returns to DVD in new edition: “Maigret” has now been reissued in a boxed set of 4 DVDs holding the 12 episodes that comprise Series 1 and 2 of this wonderful police drama.

HK Film News: Maigret: Complete Collection – DVD Review: A woman’s body is discovered in the basement of an upperclass hotel in “Maigret and the Hotel Majestic”, which finds the detective getting physical with an irate prostitute (Toyah Willcox) and receiving some nasty scratches across one side of his face. 

Blog Critics: DVD Review: Maigret, Complete Collection: There are some actors who have the ability to make everything they do seem effortless. Somehow they manage to make their characters seem like a natural extension of themselves.

DVD File: Maigret: The Complete Collection: DVD Review: Maigret: The Complete Collection isn’t must-see crime drama programming, but Gambon’s performance really is something special, so fans of the subgenre shouldn’t hesitate to give these discs a spin on their rental queues. A/V quality isn’t sensational (and there are no bonuses included at all), but from the right vantage point, these episodes can be pretty fun.