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FTE Feature: Andi Fraggs’ Toyah Top 25

April 27th, 2012

Check out Falling To Earth’s first (I’m sure I said there would be no features, but hey…) feature: Andi Fraggs reveals his Toyah Playlist: His favourite 25 Toyah (and The Humans) tracks. The songs that inspired him and that he still listens to.

Toyah has such a huge back catalogue of great music it’s always difficult to choose just a few songs. Thanks to Andi for taking the time to compile his favourites. He also reveals his five favourite albums.

Andi continues to support Toyah’s The Changeling Resurrection 2012 UK tour tomorrow night in Wolverhampton, as well as Monday in Manchester and Bishop’s Stortford on 5th May. His new album is available via his official website.

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