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Aaaaaaaah!: Lincoln Studios: Derek Says

March 5th, 2015

aaaaaaaah15cProudest bloody day of my life. Us here at Lincoln Studios have finished our first ever feature film!!!! It’s called AAAAAAAAH! I almost had to be given the kiss of life when I finished watching it round the director’s place last night. I collapsed to the floor head in hands, I was so overwhelmed. It was better than when I finally opened the salon in Grantham after 16 months of crap with the contractors. It is a fantastic feeling for me but the credit goes to the brilliant actors, crew and production team.

Here’s the poster for AHHHHHHH!!!! Shitting hell it’s brilliant isn’t it! And f-ing creepy. Won’t be putting it on my wall. Don’t fancy seeing that when I get up for a pee in the night, I’d probably wet myself on the landing!!!! Designed by an American feller called Jay Shaw I think, who has relatives in North Hykeham. Yours. Derek Evans

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